Gaytineau: The Podcast

Gaytineau is a podcast produced and hosted on unceeded Anishinaabe (also known as Algonquin) territory by Stéphanie Meunier, a resident of Gatineau who hopes to uncover a local LGBT+ community here.

I have conversations with friends, organizers and allies of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer (and more) community about our different experiences of the Québécois city so close to Ottawa. We speak of our hybrid identities, of isolation, of connections, of how we can make this city more LGBT-friendly and of love and friendship.

Thank you for listening! It’s my personal wish that this podcast reach the members of our community who feel isolated and to help them develop connections themselves through questioning my own peers about our circles of connections.

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Your host

Stéphanie Meunier is a young cisgender queer activist who was raised in the Outaouais region. She has studied visual and media arts, communications and women’s studies. She works in the arts sector, is interested in community initiatives and wishes to embody anti-oppression principles in all that she does.

Since 2010, she has organized an annual pride event in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau called “Chalk Rainbow” with friends and produced Gaytineau since January 2018.

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"The Gaytineau podcast is a new endeavour. “I was thinking about writing, or starting a web page, something to reach out,” she said, “and then I saw an opportunity with podcasts to do even more. With a website it would just be me writing about my experience, but here I can interview people; there are more chances to collaborate and connect with others.” The desire to do something for the LGBTQ+ community on this side of the river was borne out of a sense of frustration. “What I find is missing and why I want to do this, is that I feel there’s not a lot that connects me to Gatineau itself,” she says." [Read more here]

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