Special Pride Episode: Chalk Rainbow 2018

Special Pride Episode: Chalk Rainbow 2018

This episode is entirely in French.

On August 25th, in the middle of the Capital Pride weekend celebrations, I took advantage of the fact that key individuals from my community were gathered at the Chalk Rainbow event to talk to them. Thanks to  Ève Jutras, Carmen, Andrew Giguère, Samuel Gendron, Olive Kamanyana, Olivier Pilon, Devin Perry, Katrine Giroux-Monette and Isabelle Barrieau-Garneau for speaking to me!

– Find Craie-en-ciel on Facebook
– Trans Outaouais
– Fierté Aylmer
– Ottawa Seniors Pride Network/Réseau de fierté des aînéEs d’Ottawa (OSPN/RFAO
– To reach the Pontiac candidates present at Chalk Rainbow: Julia Wilkie of Québec solidaire, Samuel Gendron of the Nouveau parti démocrate du Québec, André Fortin of the Parti libéral du Québec and Olive Kamanyana of the Coalition Avenir Québec.
– Capital Pride
– The music in this episode is track “8” of the album THANK YOU by LUNA GOD. This album is made available for creators to use free of charge.
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