Episode 10: Pierre-Luc

Episode 10: Pierre-Luc

Pierre-Luc Landry was my French literature professor at the Cégep de l’Outaouais in 2012. Since then, we’ve become friends and he has published two novels and contributed to many cultural and literary projects. He teaches at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston and passes by the Outaouais region a few times a month to record a literary segment for Radio Canada’s Les malins. We talked books, culture and resistance.

– Find Pierre-Luc’s novels at Éditions Druides in French. “Listening for Jupiter” is a translation of “Les corps extraterrestres”.
Éditions Tryptique (pop et queer collections)
– Literary segment for Radio-Canada’s Les malins with Jhade Monpetit
– Transistor Media’s FM/R series’ episode of Tesselles hosted by Pierre-Luc
– The intro music to this episode is track “4” on artist LUNA GOD’s album “THANK YOU” which is generously made available to creators. Find LUNA GOD’s music on Bandcamp.

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